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Current Naturals is an industry leader in providing the highest quality, Broad Spectrum CBD oil products.

CBD Sample Pack

Our sample pack was designed for people who are interested in trying CBD oil in a variety of methods. We have included a sample of our salve, oil, and soft gels, three of the most popular methods of consuming CBD.

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What Is Cbd

CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of over 85 identified phytocannabinoids found in the hemp plant. It is considered a nutritional supplement and continues to be studied for its capability of affecting nearly every biological process by working within our body’s endocannabinoid system. CBD, also commonly referred to as Hemp Extract or hemp oil, is non-psychoactive and therefore non-intoxicating, and legal in all 50 states.

What is phytocannabinoid rich hemp?

“Phytocannabinoid” is sort of an intimidating word, isn’t it? It seems like something you’d stare down on a science exam—a remnant of school days past. Don’t let its scientific exterior fool you. Phytocannabinoids have amazing psychotropic and therapeutic properties...

What to know: Is CBD oil good for dogs?

Dogs are more than pets: they’re family members. So, just like with any member of your family, it’s natural to want to help them live their lives to the fullest, especially as they age. Many people look to supplements to give their furbabies an extra boost, ease...

Will CBD oil show up in a drug test for work?

CBD has become a major national talking point, yet companies large and small haven’t updated their drug testing requirements.

CBD for Man’s Best Friend

Introduction Our pet dogs hold a special place in many of our hearts. Little furry creatures that depend on us for everything, but give so much back with their love and companionship. The newest wellness trend for the hip pups is CBD. In this post, we’ll discuss what...

A History of Hemp in the United States

Hemp has been known to the word for thousands of years and has been a major part of American history even before we dumped those first crates of tea into the Boston Harbor. Today, everyone is talking about CBD, keeping the American tradition of cultivating hemp alive and well.

The Benefits of Including CBD in an Active Lifestyle

Summer is here, which means it’s time to turn off the Netflix, hop off that sofa, and move your body! You can’t use the cold as an excuse any longer. Living an active lifestyle is important to both your physical and emotional health. So how can CBD help you maintain...

CBD Breakfast Recipe

We are always searching for new and exciting ways to incorporate CBD into your active lifestyle. This week, we got our hands on a delicious breakfast recipe that can make your daily dose of CBD more enjoyable. We will be showing you how to make a “Blueberry and Yogurt...

Get started with CBD sample packs

There are so many types and strengths of CBD oil products out there, it can make your head spin. Hemp oil tinctures, salves, creams, softgels, gummies—how can you possibly know which is the best type for you? The CBD industry is...

Is CBD Really Legal In 2019?

Is CBD legal in the USA? We are living in a massive transitional period regarding cannabis and the laws associated with cannabis use, cultivation and processing of the plant. While many sources quote that CBD is legal in the USA, this is not quite correct. In the...

CBD for Pets

Just like humans have an endocannabinoid ( ECS ) system so do our pets. It is a very important aspect of their daily nutritional intake to include cannabinoid-rich supplements. Below we will discuss what is CBD and why people give CBD to their pets, plus the benefits...

Why Choose Us?

At Current Naturals, our CBD oil is derived from hemp plants grown with organic farming practices, is non-gmo, and free of THC, contaminants, and pesticides. Our products offer pure phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil abundant with more than 40 terpenes and other trace compounds that create what scientists call the “entourage effect,” a synergistic interaction that magnifies the therapeutic effect of CBD oil. From plant to bottle, we take pride in what we do and we are fully committed to safely and legally giving our customers the richest broad-spectrum product possible.

The Plant

Our proprietary hemp strain is naturally high in cannabinoids and rich in terpenes. This provides the real health benefits of medicinal cannabis without the psychoactive effects of THC. These Non-GMO plants are grown on farms that follow organic farming practices.

The Process

Our extraction and purification process is free of any harsh chemicals or solvents, and removes all traces of THC from the oil. This process also preserves all phytocannabinoids and synergistic compounds.

The Product

All products provided by Current Naturals are 3rd Party tested ensuring accurate levels of phytocannabinoids and synergistic compounds. The result is the highest quality broad spectrum hemp derived phytocannabinoid rich oil.

CBD oil Buying Guide

Not all CBD oil is created equally. Below are several questions you should ask when looking to start your CBD oil therapy.
Do I want CBD (Cannabidol) only, or do I want the Broad spectrum profile containing the benefits of other phyotocannobniods, terpenes, and essential fatty acids?
Current Naturals provides Broad Spectrum, Phytocannabiniod Rich products.
Do I want to insure that my product contains the levels of CBD stated on the label? And do I want to insure the product is of purest quality and free of contaminates heavy metals and pesticides?
Current Naturals provides complete transparency by posting each 3rd party batch analysis for customers to review.
Do I want to insure there are no harsh chemicals or solvents used when extracting the oil from the hemp plant?
Current Naturals extraction method only includes environmental friendly, food grade alcohol and supercritical CO2.
Do I want to insure there is no THC in my cbd oil to avoid any confusion as to legality, or passing a drug test?
Current Naturals utilizes a chromatography technique allowing the identification and complete removal of the THC from the oil while preserving the full spectrum profile of non-psychoactive phytocannabinoids.
Do I want a mission based company dedicated to helping customers live a balanced healthy life?
Start your journey with Current Naturals and experience the difference.

From Our Clients

What do our clients have to say about our products?

“Current Naturals CBD products have been great for my patients and practice.  My patients have experienced excellent results and the company has been incredibly easy to work with.  Fast shipping and superior customer service.  I’ve recommended Current Naturals to my colleagues and will continue to do so.”

Dr Caleb Spreiter


“My patients are getting great results from the CBD oil salve. Current Naturals has been very easy to work with and is very helpful.”

Dr. Kaylee C


“I highly recommend the Current Naturals line of CBD products. The products are Organic, Non-GMO, and THC Free.   In just two and half weeks, we have sold 40 of the 500 mg. salves and 35 of the 750mg. tinctures!  The products are superb and the customer service has been excellent.  If you have been trying to decide whether or not to carry CBD products, don’t think any longer.  The time to get in is now!”

Dr. Mark Wiegand


Every product delivered by Current Naturals has gone through a 3rd-party Certificate of Analysis, insuring our standards are met with the cannabinoid profile, potential microbial life, mold, heavy metals, residual solvents, pesticides and herbicides. Our commitment is to consistently deliver the highest quality product with an absolute safe profile – and lastly provide comfortability you are receiving the quality you pay for, as you should always demand.
Locate the lot/batch number on the bottom or back of your bottle/container.
Go to our website. In the “Quality” drop down menu, choose batch database.
Match the lot/batch number of your product with the lot number in the batch database.
Open the correlating batch document for your review.

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