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About our cbd oil

Our CBD oil products use extract from hemp grown in Colorado, USA. The genetics evolved over time, through cross breeding of the highest CBD and lowest THC plants- it is not derived from genetic industrial hemp (hemp used primarily for stocks and seeds, but with little or no phytocannabinoids). This unique medical hemp variety provides the real health benefits of medical cannabis without the psychoactive effect of THC.

In addition to our products using a powerful strain of hemp, clones are used instead of seeds to ensure a consistent and reliable end product. It is our goal to supply you with consistent quality, time after time. In the case of Current Natural products, we deliver products that have absolutely NO THC.

Broad Spectrum

Our proprietary extraction process uses the entire plant for a broad spectrum oil that contains the naturally present cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, CBDA, CBC and a vast array of terpenes we have identified in our extract. This type of “broad spectrum” extract has shown positive responses over CBD alone.


CBD is being studied by the scientific and medical fields for its promising effects on the central nervous, immune, and endocannabinoid systems, and carries an incredible safety profile.

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