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How Long Does It Take for Hemp Extract to Take Effect?

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So, you just tried hemp extract. Now, you’re sitting around and waiting for the effects to just hit you. This is your first time giving it a go, so you really have no idea how you’re supposed to be feeling. How long does it take for hemp extract to take effect? Well, there’s a lot more to this topic than initially meets the eye, so let’s dig a bit deeper into it.

How does hemp extract work?

It all comes down to some complicated body chemistry. You see, we all have this collection of cell signals that’s known as the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system supports many of our bodies’ systems and helps keep their functionality in balance. So, how does it work? Well, an endocannabinoid molecule will target one of two types of receptors. These receptors emit responses/effects related to either physical health or mental well-being. Once the response has carried out its course, an enzyme will break down the now-unnecessary endocannabinoid molecule.

The endocannabinoid system is the key to how hemp extract works. To put it simply, when you take intake it, hemp extract will pretend to be an endocannabinoid molecule. The endocannabinoid system’s receptors will be reached, so the same responses/effects will occur. So, what’s the point if our endocannabinoid system can carry out its functions without any outside help? Many of us have endocannabinoid systems that are out of balance. While you may not recognize it from day-to-day, it can cause your internal processes to not run as efficiently. Introducing hemp extract into the body can help promote balanced wellness within the various systems your endocannabinoid system interacts with.

What does bioavailability mean?

Bioavailability is a common term that is thrown around in the hemp industry. Although it sounds like something straight out of your college biology textbook, it simply refers to the amount of a chemical compound will enter your bloodstream. When a hemp extract product has a higher bioavailability, it’ll produce a greater effect. Anything that your body must digest (like gummies or other edibles) will have a lower bioavailability. For instance, a tincture that is absorbed under the tongue will have a higher bioavailability, as it doesn’t get broken down by the stomach and digestive systems. Products that don’t have to be digested, like tinctures, also tend to work much faster.

How long does it take for hemp extract to take effect?

There’s no one set answer to this question. This depends on a wide range of factors. A product with a higher bioavailability will take effect more quickly. In addition, it’s important to remember that each of our bodies are different. Consequently, we all have our own unique endocannabinoid systems. So, we’ll all have different reactions to hemp extract; this includes the response rate and types of effects experienced. So, the only way for you to know how long hemp extract takes to work is for you to go ahead and try a specific type of product (i.e. gummies, tinctures, soft gels, etc.). However, you should start out with a small dosage so that you can really judge how hemp extract affects you.

It should be noted that fake products won’t produce any sort of effects. Since there aren’t any real watchdogs when it comes to hemp extract, some companies will try to make a quick buck and give you something that doesn’t contain any cannabinoids or terpenes. This happens both online and in-store. So, make sure that the company you’re looking at provides third-party lab results that show exactly what is in its product. You could also consider buying from chiropractors or other healthcare professionals, as they take great care to offer excellent products to the patients that trust them.

The truth is that there’s no one set reaction time to hemp extract. It really comes down to the product and your body. With hemp extract, it’s important that you take some time to experiment and observe how it works for you personally. After some time, you’ll be able to find out what is best for your lifestyle. Here’s to you finding your go-to hemp extract product!

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