1500mg Hemp Extract Oil CBD Tincture Peppermint Flavor


This broad spectrum CBD tincture contains 1500mg of phytocannabinoid rich CBD oil. Each bottle includes an oral dropper for easy dosing. One dropper equals 50mg of CBD oil per serving, with 30 servings per bottle. Place under tongue with the oral syringe for 60 seconds once or twice daily or as needed.


Additional information

Weight 1.00 kg

Hemp extract oil, MCT oil, peppermint oil, naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes

Note – These products are legal in all 50 states, have no THC, and have no known negative side effects. Consult your physician about taking dietary supplements, must be 18+ to consume.

Recommended CBD OIL usage

Place a few drops under your tongue and hold them there for 60-90 seconds before swallowing. Take one or two times per day. Start with a single dose per day and work your way up in both timing and frequency until you find the perfect balance.

What is cbd oil good for?

CBD oil, also known as hemp oil, is used to maintain balance and wellness in the body. Most people who take it claim it gives them a balanced, calming, or soothing effect. Many people take CBD to ease symptoms of a variety of chronic health problems, however, due to FDA guidelines, we are unable to specifically state its benefits or what issues people turn to CBD to treat.  We recommend talking to your doctor, a health professional, or doing research into your particular symptoms and the effects of CBD. 

does cbd oil get you high?

Many people want to avoid THC. Maybe they are afraid that it makes their CBD oil fail a drug test or they don’t like the way it makes them feel. In any case, broad spectrum CBD is for them.

Broad-spectrum CBD is processed a final time at the end to remove the THC, but keep the rest of the good cannabinoids and terpenes in tact.

Our oils are broad-spectrum, so you can enjoy the effects of CBD hemp extract without worrying about THC. Our CBD tincture will not get you high.

Frequently Asked Questions

is CBD oil safe?

Our CBD oil is extracted used the safest method in the industry with super-critical CO2 and food-grade ethanol. It is all-natural with no harsh chemicals, solvents, or pesticides.

How do I take a CBD tincture?

It’s simple to learn how to take CBD drops. Fill the included dropper about halfway, then place the oil under your tongue. Hold it there for 30-90 seconds before swallowing. If you’re looking for a solution to maintain your daily balanced wellness, take your CBD oil at the same time every day. If you use it to manage less predictable aspects of your life, take once or twice daily as needed.

How much CBD tincture should I take?

That depends on how potent your CBD oil is and the reason you’re taking it. It’s best to start with a small amount, like ¼ to ½ of a dropper, and work your way up over the course of a few days to find the ideal serving size for you.

How long does CBD tincture take to work?

This varies from person to person. What works for you may not work for someone else. Some people need to take CBD steadily over an extended period of days to feel its effects, while others are more immediate.

does cbd oil work for topical use?

Yes! While that isn’t the main method of enjoyment for CBD tinctures, they work great as a topical lotion. If you find that salves or lotions just aren’t concentrated enough, try rubbing our CBD tincture on the skin for a more potent approach.

What does cbd oil taste like?

Our CBD oil tastes like a refreshing peppermint. You get a boost of balance with a minty-fresh mouth as a bonus.



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