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1. Origin of Ingredient

Theres no better feeling than to know that we have searched the country over to find the best quality ingredients, and rest assured, we have done just that.

We 100% support US based companies, however at times, finding the best, most potent adaptogens and botanicals from the US may not be the best option for our customers.

Our team brings over 25 years of traveling the glove estabishing sold relationships with farmers, co-ops, and progressive organizations who are the best of what they do, in the best part of the globe to do it. We have established a rigorous checklist for our suppliers to meet. From the growing environment – farming and wildcraft practices – milling and extraction processes – quality programs – and experienced, knowledgable teams.

2. Transparency

At Current Naturals, we verify all ingredients and products through third-party testing. From the genetics in the field to the type of extraction in the facility or the potency of the final product. There are no secrets as to the practices and procedures that we go through to deliver you a safe and effective product.

3. Customer Service

If theres one thing you can count on at Current Naturals, it’s that we understand our customers are a critical part of our team, and it takes a team to accomplish a vision to help others.

From our dedicated team to review and respond to questions or ideas, to our 60 day money back guarantee, you will always feel that you are the core of everythig we do at Current Naturals.

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Quality- Mushrooms

We only use 100% Fruiting Body Mushrooms
* No Mycellium or grain fillers
Hot Water Extraction and Hot Water/Alchohol Extraction (to achieve our potent 8X concentration)
* Duel extraction allows us to pull out the functional compounds such as Triterpinoids, Ergosterol, and Cordiceptin.
Sourced from vetted growers in Asia.
* Almost 90% of the worlds mushrooms come from Asia, where growing conditions, experience, and generational knowledge are most abundant.
* In todays market, it is difficult to find quality product from the US that does not contain mycelium mixed with starch or fillers.
We use 100% Organic Mushroom and Adaptogen Extracts for our Ingredients
We deliver extracts at an 8X Concentrate for Maximum Potency
We test all our products through a third party lab to insure safety, potency, and active ingredients.



Grown in the Mid-West with Organic Practices
*We have boots on the ground from seed all the way to shelf, saying with confidence that you are receiving the purest, safest product on the market.
Fresh Cold-Pressed Juice, NEVER from Dried Powder
*Many companies will use dried elderberry powder mixed with water or vegetable glycerin to create a syrup like consistency. At Current Naturals, we use fresh elderberry juice mixed with all natural, organic ingredients.
Never any Added Sugars or Artifical Flavors
*Our Elderberry syrups are made how nature intended, with sweet raw honey, organic cinnamon, ginger and clove.
Quality Matters
* All of our products are tested using third party labs to insure saftey, potency and active ingredients.

Quality- Hemp Extract

Organic Growing
*We don’t just sell hemp extracts, topicals and ingestibles—we make them ourselves. The hemp flower used in many of our products was grown on our own farm and carefully tended to by hand using only organic farming practices.
Hand Harvested
*We don’t use heavy machinery to process our hemp, each plant is hand harvested, hung to dry and trimmed with care.
CO2 Extraction
*Our proprietary extraction method uses no harsh chemicals, only environmental friendly food grade alcohol and supercritical CO2
Full and Broad Spectrum-No Isolate
*Our product are high in CBD, contains other important phytocannabinoids (CBG, CBN, CBC, THCA, CBDA) and rich in over 40 Terpenes. Our Broad Spectrum products contains 0.0% THC, and our Full Spectrum products contain the legal amount allowed of 0.03% THC
We test all our products through a third party lab to insure safety, potency, and active ingredients.


All finished products are manufactured in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Facility),
NSF and ISO certified facility with the highest quality control measures in the industry.



All products at Current Naturals are analyzed by a 3rd Party Laboratory to insure that you are receiving the highest quality product possible. These tests are avaliable for your review by request To Request your product test results, click here and fill out the form and a member of our team will email it to you shortly.


“Current Naturals provides only the highest quality, Broad spectrum hemp extract oil:”