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What does it take to join our wholesale program?

Our wholesale program was designed to help professionals with an existing outlet to customers, to help increase their bottom line.  Not sure if you qualify? Check out the list to the right, if you work in one of these industries, then it’s probably a match .  If not, It doesn’t hurt to apply. 


Physical Therapists


Personal Trainers

Dietary Specialists

Massage Therapists

Health Food Store

Increase Bottom Line

Increasing your bottom line is always a good thing.  Especially when you have customers that are already interested in the product.

Build Relationships

Building a relationship with your customers is the key when it comes to running a successful business. You already do this every day. Being a customer’s “go to” for more thing is a bonus.

Provide Value


Everybody and their grandparents have heard about CBD but not everybody knows what it is, or what it does. Providing your customers with this knowledge is valuable to them.

Expand your business

What ever your profession may be, we are all looking to expand our reach. Being known as the chiropractor that also carries CBD can only be beneficial when it comes to getting new clients in the door.

About Our Program


CBD oil products can be a great revenue opportunity for your business or medical practice. As a wholesale customer, you can now offer your customer or patients one of the highest quality, fully integrated (farm to shelf) phytocannabinoid rich products on the market.

Our wholesale program will provide you with all the tools you need to display and educate your customer or patients. Tools include:

  • Counter top display cases.
  • Educational brochures
  • A Toll free number for your customer or patient to call.

You will be notified when your account is approved (within 48 hours)
or call us at US 1-(800) 739-1445. or UK +44-208-077-8135

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