Shopping Guide: Where can I get CBD?

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It’s time to go shopping! The only problem is that you don’t know where to go. No directions or insight have been provided to you. However, you obviously want to go somewhere that will give you the best possible product for your dollar. Yet, time is of the essence; you really don’t want to spend hours researching quality retailers. So, let’s answer the question of the hour: Where can I get CBD?

Where can I get CBD?

In today’s world, the possibilities are almost endless. As with most things, you can either get CBD in-store or online. However, another thing that comes with living in the 21st century is the selling of dupe products. The CBD industry is no exception to this. Some brands don’t care about their customers; instead, they’re only in it for the money. They intentionally promote their items as normal products when, in reality, they’re really either adding minimal traces of actual CBD, not disclosing their ingredients, or using low-quality imported hemp. So, while you can get CBD pretty much anywhere, it’s only at certain places where you can get the real deal.

Who can I trust?

In-short, not all CBD products are created equal. When you purchase in-store, you’re more likely to be getting a dupe. This is most evident at gas stations and convenience stores. No one is checking on these places to make sure that they’re putting out reputable products, so there’s no accountability. It should be noted that, often times, they have very inexpensive prices. However, for a low cost, you run the risk of getting a fake product. So, what may seem desirable may actually be misleading.

You can generally trust chiropractors or healthcare professionals to give you the best possible product. It comes down to one thing: reputation. As professionals with careers to protect, they want to maintain their relationships with their clients. If they were to be giving out phony products, then they would be losing their customer base.

You should be careful when it comes to shopping online. Some virtual stores are pulling the same gimmicks as the gas stations and convenience stores. Luckily, with the power of the Internet, you can do some digging for the perfect stores. Online reviews can be a good, unbiased indicator of whether or not people like a company’s products.

How can I identify safe brands?

As with any product category, some CBD brands partake in ethical practices, whereas others go by their own agenda. Especially with something like CBD, you want to make sure that you’re going with a safe, transparent company. Reputable CBD brands follow FDA/FTC rules, avoid making health claims, have their products lab-tested by a third party, abstain from using heavy metals or pesticides, speak up about their ingredients, and grow their plants organically in the U.S. You’ll need to check that the companies that you’re considering actually partake in these best practices. In addition, you’ll want to read up on reviews from other customers. After all, someone who has actually used a product is the best judge of whether or not it does its job.

Sure, you can technically get CBD virtually anywhere, but you need to make sure that the companies that you buy from aren’t trying to rip you off. Take some time to get to know a brand before you choose to go with them. The sad truth is that not all companies are looking out for your best interest, so make sure that you’re investing in quality and transparency. Now, with some information in hand, you can ensure that no brand is exHEMPt from your product expectations!

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